Cool down

(Song for Lou )

A new craze is comin´down
there`s a changin´in the wind
(and) everybody`s bumming cigarettes
New shades- looking sharp tonight
I say man, you`re outta sight
Got a dollar, buddy? Got a dime?

Cool down
Listen to that crazy sound
It`s the new vibration lately
Everybody`s a-gettin´lazy
You gotta- cool down
Cool down

Big red he`s so cool tonight
See him dancing in the light
Little Lucy`s flashing big brown eyes
Cadillac- foue wheel drive
Ya gotta talk the jive
It`s guaranteed to keep you alive

Hey mama- cool down
You can feel it all around
There`s no reason to feel content
even though that you feel offended
You gotta- cool down
cool down

Hey Brat! Did you see your wife
She was dancing on the side
Little lady stole the show tonight
I tell ya- ooh!
Silver guns and purple neon lights
You can seeit in her eyes
`Cause `a´Johnny`s down in mexico
He`s singin´- cool down
Listen to that crazy sound
Snuff the match and safe the fire
on a streetcar named desire
You gotta- cool down
cool down

Witt/Storey/Storey Edt. Eisenherz / Chappell

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